Shandong?Binzhou Printing &?Dyeing Group Imp.?&?Exp.?Co., Ltd


    Shandong Binzhou Printing Dyeing Group Imp. Exp. Co., Ltd. founded in 1999 after the Shandong Provincial Foreign Economic and Trade Commission (foreign economic and trade management of the word [1999] No. 1232) . Our company is committed to the weaving-printing-dyeing industry circle around in foreign trade service for many years, constructing the enterprise marketing export-oriented development pattern, and promoting the pace of development of brand globalization. Purchasing yarn and greige fabric from Vietnam, India, Tailand and Pakistan ,  we supplies raw materials to domestic enterprises.  After nearly twenty years of development, the company and cotton textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, home textile enterprises cooperation, so that both raw materials and markets in the processing industry chain is becoming more perfect. Companies export products in the domestic part of the regional market has formed a competitive advantage, an excellent supplier of the printed fabrics, clothing, home textiles, grey, cotton yarn for the clients of Korea, South and Southeast of Asia, India and the European counties, etc.